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            Maritime Law

            In order to the crowd in ZhuJiang River Delta can bring admiralty proceedings conveniently, GuangZhou Maritime Court (GMC) set up a circuit court in JiangMen this March, which accept and hear maritime matters of JiangMen, YangJiang, ZhuHai and ZhongShan etc. ZhongShan City, one of the jurisdictional areas of GMC, as the tempo of maritime traffic grows, all kinds of maritime disputes increased fast. Because a lot of crowd don’t know maritime court very well, the leaders of GMC decided to hold a symposium in ZhongShan Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) on Sep.17th,2004, with the purpose of having Circuit Court of GMC understood better by the crowd in ZhongShan City and having them know how to protect their own rights and interests while maritime disputes arise.

               About fifty representations coming from harbour authority, ocean shipping agency, insurance company and shipping business attended this symposium. First, ChengShengXiang,the principal of JiangMen Circuit Court, introduced the responsibility and jurisdictional area of JiangMen Circuit Court in detail. Then, WuNanWei, the inspector of GMC, explained questions of maritime law concerned by crowd such as limitation of liability for maritime claims, special jurisdiction of maritime matters, security of maritime claims etc. in a simple way. Two judges also answered conventioneers' questions extempore. After the symposium, law books were presented to the conventioneers.

            Client Testimonial

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