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            Divorce by Agreement

            A divorce agreement is also referred to as a marital settlement agreement. It is used to determine the distribution of assets, custody arrangements, and visitation schedules. There are two basic types of divorce agreement forms - one for couples with no children and one for those who are parents. Deciding who will retain the house or if it will be sold is one topic that may be addressed during negotiations about the agreement. Discussions about the continuation of health insurance for any children involved are also held at this time. Couples who are divorcing may also take this opportunity to do some long term planning. The divorce agreement can include decisions about college funds even if the child in question is still quite young. Retirement planning is another consideration since social security benefits may be affected by the divorce. It is important for each spouse to find out before finalizing a divorce agreement whether or not the other spouse has hidden any assets.

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            Client Testimonial

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