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            What We Do

            We are a Guangdong focused top China law firm.

            We are an aggressive and responsive provider of legal services, with a total commitment to excellence. We are dedicated to the interests of our clients and delivery of extraordinarily responsive, creative, practical and high quality solutions to their problems, developed from their point of view. We are also dedicated to providing our clients with quality service at a competitive cost.

            We believe that the problems facing many individuals and businesses today can be addressed by taking a preventive approach. We assist clients in identifying potential problems prior to them maturing into litigation. We take advantage of opportunities such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration before litigation. We also stress risk avoidance services, including the evaluation of clients' business practices, policies and procedures. All of these strategies are designed to maximize recovery and enhance the client's position.

            Our emphasis is on one-on-one relationships with each client to establish a strong foundation for achieving success. In addition, we emphasize on "preventative" tactics, suggesting ways for clients to avoid litigation. We believe that many of the problems facing many individuals and businesses today can be addressed by taking a preventive approach.

            Our clients are mainly foreign companies and foreign nationals. They do business or work in Guangdong area, including Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Shantou, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Jiangmen, Zhongshan, Foshan, Huizhou, Zhanjiang, Nanhai, Shunde, Panyu and Maoming. Our lawyers serve clients on business startup, employment law, divorce law, intellectual property, arbitration and litigation.

            Client Testimonial

            One of the best China lawyers based in Shenzhen! I appreciated this Shenzhen lawyer's service because they helped me achieved my goals, though it was a tough mission. They are English speaking lawyers, so there are absolutely no communication barrier you likely encounter elsewhere. What impressed me is these Shenzhen lawyer's quick response and professional service, two characteristics which I treasure most. Although the Shenzhen lawyers are based in south China, they represent clients across the country, so you can also call them China lawyer! - Johnson

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