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            Markets, rules and regulations in China?change rapidly, so you have to procure from China lawyer reliable information and legal advice?before action. Always consult our China lawyer.


            Preparing for China

            What We Do

            We have a team of experienced professionals graduated from well-known law schools, some of whom have educational background and working experience in Hong Kong or foreign countries. The Firm has cultivated a friendly working environment, cherishing the close working relationship among its professionals and staff.

            With a state of the art facility, our office is located in the center of Shenzhen. However, we have established our reputation in other cities of Guangdong province, such as Zhongshan, Foshan, Shunde, Panyu, Zhuhai, Huizhou, Jiangmen, Guangzhou.

            Over the years, our lawyers have represented our clients in litigation and arbitration, and have offered legal services covering areas of international trade (import and export in China), foreign investment in Guangdong, M&A, intellectual property rights, corporate law, franchise, tax, financing, insurance, real estate, criminal law, etc.

            Our lawyers have accumulated wide experience in assisting multinational corporations and other clients to conduct trade and/or make investment in China, offering services related to:

            Company Formation & Registration in Guangdon:
            The formation and registration of Sino-Foreign Joint Venture (JV), Wholly Foreign-Owned Company (WFOC), Representative Office (RO) and other forms of entities in Guangdon:

            The Registration of a Represetative Office in Dongguan

            The Registration of a Consulting Company in Zhongshan

            The Registration of a Trading Company in Huizhou

            The Registration of a Freight Forwarding Company in Zhugai

            The Registration of a Company in Hong Kong

            Trade and Business Operations in Guangzhou:

            Drafting or reviewing contract/agreement, including: exclusive distribution agreement, sales agency agreement, export/import contract, OEM contract, investment contract, partnership agreement, etc.;

            Corporate restructuring, shares transfer, taxation, foreign exchange? transfer;

            Merger & Acquisition;

            Due diligence;

            Issuance and listing of shares;

            Intellectual property rights protection, including: trademark, patent, copyright, trade secret;

            Real estate and land acquisition;

            Employment and labor, residence permit and work permit application.

            Our lawyers have served clients in fields of import and export, aviation, telecommunication, insurance & financing, real estate, franchise, travel service, electricity, hospital, education, building material, hi-tech, etc.

            Offering cost-effective and quality services to meet the diverse needs of our clients, Our goal is to help our clients gain a success in doing business in China.

            Client Testimonial

            One of the best China lawyers based in Shenzhen! I appreciated this Shenzhen lawyer's service because they helped me achieved my goals, though it was a tough mission. They are English speaking lawyers, so there are absolutely no communication barrier you likely encounter elsewhere. What impressed me is these Shenzhen lawyer's quick response and professional service, two characteristics which I treasure most. Although the Shenzhen lawyers are based in south China, they represent clients across the country, so you can also call them China lawyer! - Johnson

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