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            Markets, rules and regulations in China?change rapidly, so you have to procure from China lawyer reliable information and legal advice?before action. Always consult our China lawyer.


            Preparing for China

            Firm Culture

            We stick to our principles
            To develop with society.
            To devote to society.
            And to provide the justice
            and law with reliable basis and practice.

            We propose
            That people are our fundament,
            While our group should be
            the utmost consideration.
            Team work matters are great deal
            CCLC is each lawyer’ strong
            backbone and spiritual homeland
            which they are working in.
            To persist in sustainable development.
            And to make integration the important safeguard.
            We maintain
            To struggle from dim sunlight like plant,
            to burst out of soil like seeds.
            We are to exert ourselves.
            To learn, and be practical.
            And with peace in mind,
            we seek the truth and the facts

            We insist on
            Confidentiality, Commitment,
            Courtey and communication.
            To conveniently access to our customers
            For those make up the bridge
            Between our clients and us.
            For the clients’ legal rights and interests.
            We integrate our resources.


            We are certain that value of law lies on optimum behavior model, to which people are directed.
            Therefore, CCLC is dedicated to business resolutions on civil affairs with innovation and operation, to assure customers seeking for delicate equilibrium between profitability and observance to law

            Harmonious Interpersonal Relationship
            We ascertain that law aims at harmonizing interpersonal relationship.
            Therefore, we emphasize harmonious interpersonal relationship, active and healthy social relationship and light and efficient working surrounding in which we seek for equilibrium in profits and relationships

            We ascertain that lawyers socially function in providing society with law techniques, therefore, we maintain and request that shenzhen law firm lawyers must be excellent in law techniques based on profound law theories and diversifiable laws and regulations As well as versatile specification

            Down- to- earth
            We ascertain that only through plain but innovative jobs and trivial matters tackled for our customers and legal adjustment social relationships, will social law and its implementation be brightened and self-value realized.
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            Client Testimonial

            One of the best China lawyers based in Shenzhen! I appreciated this Shenzhen lawyer's service because they helped me achieved my goals, though it was a tough mission. They are English speaking lawyers, so there are absolutely no communication barrier you likely encounter elsewhere. What impressed me is these Shenzhen lawyer's quick response and professional service, two characteristics which I treasure most. Although the Shenzhen lawyers are based in south China, they represent clients across the country, so you can also call them China lawyer! - Johnson

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